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At Growth Marketing this is the question we ask every day for our clients. The purpose of any marketing campaign is to grow a business, getting fans, social shares, tweets, subscribers and number one Google rankings are great but if it doesn’t grow the bottom line then why bother.

Custom Built Plans to Suit Your Needs

The days of cookie cutter digital marketing are gone. Your business needs a plan that is custom tailored to you. We can design a strategy including search engine optimization, ppc management, social media and website creation and more each designed to bring in a steady stream of new business each month.

Full Service Digital Marketing

Does your business feel like it's missing something? You probably already know that most consumers start their search online, will they find you? If not we need to talk. The first step is to fill out the Exploration Form so we can better understand your business.

Why Growth Marketing?

Focused on ROI

Our #1 focus for each client is to make their campaigns profitable as quick as possible. People don't buy a Ferrari to drop their kids off at soccer practice. They buy one because they want to go fast and look cool. Likewise, when you choose us it's not to brag about us it's because you want results. We're dedicated to your success.


Digital marketing is a constantly changing, what worked a few months ago might not work today. These changes are exactly why we spend hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars each year testing & tracking. We do this on our own sites & apply what works to yours. This level of expertise gives your business a huge advantage over your competition.

Risk Free Approach

We understand it can be difficult to choose the right company to work with. Which is why we offer a risk free approach. Instead of long term contracts with huge cancellation fees we work month to month giving you the freedom of choice. All the work we perform is yours to keep, meaning we won't hold your website hostage if you ever want to leave.


How many times have you said to yourself "I wish I had a friend that understood all this stuff?" At Growth Marketing we look at our clients as friends. We understand that our success requires you to be successful. We take a partnership approach to everything we do and help you to better understand digital marketing during our relationship.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Car Insurance Industry

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Childcare Industry

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Growth Marketing Testimonials

Growth Marketing Testimonials

What Can Growth Marketing Do For You?

Growth Marketing is a Minneapolis SEO company that has been helping businesses just like yours since 2011. It’s no secret that digital marketing is here to stay. You can choose to ignore it and fight to gain new customers or you can embrace it and benefit from it.

If I’m not mistaken you are the kind of person that is good at what you do, you have a high amount of integrity and you take care of your customers. Unfortunately that does not guarantee success in business.

We’ve all seen it, the best companies in the world go out of business while their mediocre competitor steals all their business. It’s tragic really, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead imagine a world…

…where the best of the best can get in front of more potential customers and turn the tables. Imagine a world where the nice guy/gal finishes first and the customer gets their problems solved quickly for a fair price by a business that is dedicated to being an expert in their industry.

That is the world our team at Growth Marketing is creating!

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Our approach is different than most agencies you will come into contact with.

First, we don’t work with everyone. We only work with people that are experts in their field and that are dedicated to improving their customer’s lives. The last thing the world needs is another fly by night, low quality service provider.

Second, we don’t live in the agency world. If you have worked with one of the larger agencies in the area you may know what we mean. We don’t pass you around from person to person claiming they are experts when instead they are just interns that will be gone next week. We understand the struggles of being a small business owner first hand because we’ve been there.

Third, we focus on results to your bottom line. Rankings and catchy slogans are great however they are meaningless if your business is not GROWing. As time goes on we continually make tweaks to tactics and strategies to continue the GROWTH long into the future.

Fourth, we spend time every week to sharpen our skills. You’ve probably heard the Abe Lincoln quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. It’s a bit cheesy at the same time it’s priceless advice. Especially in the search engine optimization world where things are changing very rapidly.

We do this two ways, through learning from some of the best in the world and testing with our own web properties. This relentless pursuit of mastery gives your business the competitive advantages needed in today’s business environment.

Lastly, we understand the Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota area because we live here. Sure you can save a few bucks and hire a company from India or another third world country to do your digital marketing but what happens when you have a problem. Most likely you will never hear from them again. Not us, since we live in the community our reputation is important.

We understand what it means to be a mid-westerner and it shows. We care for our clients in a way that shows in everything that we do.

You might notice if feels different, as you read this and frankly it is. I could tell you that we are the best choice for GROWing your business but you’ll have to prove it to yourself.

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